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Dual Gauge Keg Regulator Features:
2 Sealing washers in the package can prevent leakage when connected to CO2 tank.
It fits for 5/16" I.D size hoses
It is used for kegs in bars, tasting rooms, restaurants, etc

Package Including:
1 x Keg regulator
1 x Hose clamp
2 x Washer
1 x English Manual

Features & details

The 0-60 PSI gauge of dual gauges CO2 kegerator regulator displays pressure transferred to your keg

The 0-3000 PSI gauge displays the amount of CO2 pressure left in CO2 cylinder

CO2 kegerator regulator 45 PSI safety relief valve and gas shut-off valve control flow and keep safety.

One hose clamp in this item helps to tighten hose connection and keep leaks out.

You can adjust pressure quickly and precisely through big knob and no tools needed.

Product information

Brand‎LuckyHighPackage Dimensions‎17.91 x 16.89 x 10.49 cm; 962 GramsItem Weight‎962 g

BS341-8 DUAL Guage Carbon Dioxide Regulator Dual Stage 0 to 60 PSI 0 to 3000

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