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Beer & Hospitality Gas

Food grade gases used to dispense beer, cider and in post-mix drinks systems; various mixtures of hospitality gases are available to suit different drinks

Our range of hospitality and beer gases includes food grade CO2, which is commonly used in food packaging and beverage carbonation applications, as well as a selection of CO2/N2 mixes. Our gases are made specifically to meet the needs of hospitality venues where beers such as Kilkenny™ and Guinness™ are available on draft. Whichever hospitality gas you order, we guarantee it will be produced in accordance with the published specifications and comply with all Standards as they apply to hospitality industry gas use.

Our CO2 complies with all relevant Standards and must pass our rigorous QC procedures before it is deemed fit for sale. We ensure that there are never dangerous levels of impurities in our food grade gas.


CO2 / N2

All beers have an as brewed CO₂ content, quoted in volumes or grams per litre. This level is selected by the brewer and has an effect on taste and appearance. The correct gas mix will maintain the balance of the beer. The CO₂ part of the mix will help maintain the as brewed volumes and the nitrogen part will help provide the pressure necessary to dispense it.

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